Why I chose to become a coach. Should you too?

I have been thinking……. Before giving you a long winded introduction about the current state of the workforce, the knowledge economy, millennial preferences, side-effects of prosperity, human potential and psychological limitations, let me outline the points I`ll make below. Then, you are free to scroll to whatever might be most interesting to you….. or simply continue reading from here and see where it leads you.

  1. The right questions instead of answers
  2. Coaching infused in modern management
  3. People at the core of it all
  4. My work as Management Consultant
  5. The three essential benefits of coaching

Before I go into detail, quick disclaimer. I hope you will find 1-2 interesting points in this, not necessarily more.  Given there is a natural limit to how exhaustive anyone can be when devoting a few hours to writing something like this, please feel free to add to this piece in the comments. Any points you think I missed and should be shared with others or interesting counter arguments that need to be highlighted etc.

Okay, enough of that..  let’s get to it.


The Experimental Approach || How to stop pondering and start doing

Principal 3

( how to stop pondering and start doing )

I have been thinking …… Let’s quickly start by outlining what I will mean by the word “decisions” and “experiments” in context of this short read. If we don’t, the rest of this might end up making no sense and hence bring no value to you at all.


Decision are irreversible and long-lasting choices. Decisions, for the purpose of this discussion, are choices you made that feel fixed, rigid and in a way like binary “all or nothing” choices. This way of looking at it, is how probably most of us experience the majority of our decisions. Whether that is in the context of business or our life in general.